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The Natural Big Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns is one of the most popular attractions in, Texas. Visitors can see amazing formations inside this underground world, including stalactites and stalagmites that have been growing for thousands of years. They offer a variety of tours- from self-guided tours to full caving expeditions with experienced guides.

Natural Bridge Caverns is located about 30 minutes west of Greater San Antonio. It's a great place to visit and spend the day- especially on those really hot summer days in Texas where you can cool off underground!

What to see on the Natural Big Caverns?

This is not your average Texas hike, so you can expect a lot of different things to see. The first thing that everyone will notice as they approach the Natural Bridge Caverns is the massive rock formations sticking up from the ground around them. These are what make this place unique-they were created by nature and have an incredible story behind their existence! 


You can explore the cave by walking through it on a guided tour, which takes about an hour. You will learn some interesting facts and you might even catch sight of one or two bats that have made their home here! In case anyone is scared of tight spaces, there are lots of great photo opportunities for this reason too - just remember to bring along your camera! 


The most popular part of the Natural Bridge Caverns, however, is something that not many people are expecting. On certain days during the year (usually in spring), you can see baby alligators at this site!!! The gators live underneath a pool and some instructors will pull them out for everyone to get a look at them! It's a great educational opportunity and everyone can learn some interesting facts about these creatures. 


What else? Well, the caverns are lit up very nicely for visitors to see everything easily. There is also a gift shop that sells all kinds of souvenirs-from rocks and minerals found in the caves themselves to books on Texas history. There is also a restaurant here with all kinds of tasty food-including some unique dishes from Mexico and Texas! It's something to check out while you're visiting. 


Last but not least, the Natural Bridge Caverns are located on top of a massive hill - so it can be great fun to go for a hike while enjoying the beautiful scenery! 

Please call +12106516101 or visit for more information about booking your tour today! 

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