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Excellent Epoxy Floor Coating Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Epoxy flooring is a great way to make your outdoor space more beautiful and unique. It can be done in virtually any color you want, and the texture of concrete allows for many different patterns and designs that will suit just about anyone’s tastes.

In this article, we’ll look at these commercial epoxy San Antonio floor coating ideas that we hope will give you some inspiration as well as help you decide what kind of design would work best for your home or business!

What is commercial epoxy floor coating?

Commercial epoxy floor coatings are more suitable for areas that receive a lot of wear and tear. The average life expectancy of this kind of coating is around seven years on average, and the maximum can go up to fifteen or twenty depending upon usage. For example, bars and restaurants make great use of commercial epoxy flooring to avoid wear and tear.

The process of epoxy floor coating is usually divided into two categories. The first one is the chemical curing process. This epoxy floor coating requires a lot of time to dry up and cure, which can go around four days or more depending on humidity levels in your place.

On the other hand, some manufacturers introduce new UV curing technologies that quicken this whole procedure by weeks or even days. With the help of UV curing, you can have your epoxy flooring in just a matter of hours or even minutes.

San Antonio Texas epoxy floor benefits

The befits of the epoxy floors are: 

  • Stunning appearance.  Epoxy floors can be made to look like stone, marble, or any other material you choose.   
  • Unmatched luster and durability that will last a lifetime.  You won’t have to worry about replacing the floor again!    
  • Easy maintenance for a cleaner-looking space in less time with minimal effort.  Cleaning the epoxy floors is a snap!    
  • No matter what you need to clean, epoxy floors will look brand new.  

There are benefits for commercial space as well.   

  • Epoxy floors in an entryway can give people that polished and professional look they are hoping for.  It will help your customers feel welcome and comfortable in your commercial space immediately upon entrance.    
  • Commercial epoxy floors can also help reduce noise when installed correctly, which is ideal if you have an open floor plan or it’s just too noisy!   
  • Commercial epoxy floors are available in a variety of colors to match your design needs.  They are also available in a matte or glossy finish to suit different tastes.   

Disadvantages of commercial epoxy floors are:  

They are a bit pricey, out of scope for some budgets, and wear down over time. Some decorative epoxy flooring companies will offer a lifetime warranty on their products, but this does not mean the product is indestructible or won’t need to be repaired or replaced in certain circumstances where it takes too much abuse from things as heavy equipment or heavy foot traffic. 

Concrete floor epoxy basics

There are many different types of concrete floor resin on the market. The first step is to determine which type of flooring materials will work best for your project needs. Some concrete epoxy coatings require more than one coat, while others only need a single coat of stain and sealer. You will also want to find an epoxy suitable for your climate, as some are designed specifically for colder or warmer temperatures.

Types of floor epoxy

There are two main types of epoxy coatings: solid and liquid, or water-based paints that dry to a hard finish.

Water-based concrete coatings are inexpensive, easy to apply, and typically dry within a few hours.

Solid epoxy resin comes in powder form or two-part liquid formula that must be mixed before being applied over the surface you want to protect from wear and tear damage.

Epoxy flooring comes in many different finishes, from matte or satin sheen that works well for sidewalks, patios, and driveways, to a high gloss finish that works great for interior spaces such as foyers and bathrooms, and even garage floors. San Antonio epoxy floors also have various special effects, including a crackle effect which makes it look like you’ve walked on ice patches!

Faux finishes and effects for concrete floors

Epoxy flooring systems are a great way to change the appearance of any space. It can be challenging to find something that looks as good as epoxy without paying the price tag associated with it. This article will look at some faux finishes and effects you can use on your commercial or residential epoxy surface to enhance its appearance.

Faux Finishes for Epoxies:

Stenciled images. This is a great way to create some unique effects on epoxy flooring. You can use any image you like, but common choices include using ornate tiles for bathroom floors or kitchen backsplashes and city skylines with boats on the water for waterfront spaces. 

Metallic finishes are another popular choice that adds visual appeal to your flooring design. If you want something more subtle than glittery bright colors, consider painting your metallic finish over the top of stains instead (like a red mahogany wood stain). Other ideas would be silver leaves that can give off a modern look; dark silver metal paint will give you something rustic; gold leaf works especially well in Asian-inspired spaces. 

Mosaics work well as a faux finish for epoxy flooring if you want something that looks like it was handcrafted by artisans in Italy centuries ago (without the price tag and time investment). You can use shards of glass, broken dishes, or even seashells to make your mosaic pattern. However, it is crucial not to let these pieces stick up too high off the surface; they will be more attractive with some grout added, at least on top where people walk. 

Effects for Commercial Epoxies:

Embossed patterns are another great way to dress up an otherwise dull flooring material such as epoxy resin. Consider using stencil designs and then emboss them into your commercial-grade epoxy flooring with a heat gun. You can use this technique to mimic other materials such as brick or wood and even create some interesting patterns that look like tile mosaics if you want something more eclectic in your space. 

Rustic effects are another great way to add interest when working on an epoxy flooring system for outdoor spaces and surrounding areas. The best rustic styles will include distressed paint chips, worn down markings from heavy equipment, metal shavings left over from operating machinery; anything else which gives the appearance of being old and used is perfect for creating a unique effect in your commercial grade flooring design. Just be sure not to go overboard using too many different textures at once in any area! This could quickly give your epoxy flooring a cluttered and unappealing look. 

Glittery effects are made with epoxy resin to give the appearance of glitter underneath or embedded in the surface itself. If you want something bright and festive for an outdoor space, consider using this type of epoxy design; it will be especially eye-catching if your area gets lots of sunlight throughout the day! This technique works best when used on darker colors such as black or brown since white may not provide enough contrast (and fade into looking like plain concrete). 

Design ideas for commercial San Antonio epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor coating can be used to enhance the design and texture of your outdoor space. Epoxy floors are durable, easy to clean, versatile in use, water-resistant, and offer an endless array of color options. The commercial epoxy industry is filled with countless creative possibilities for businesses, including restaurants, hotels/resorts, healthcare facilities (hospitals), retail stores (shopping malls), etc.  

Let’s take a look at some stunning ideas that you could potentially utilize your epoxied surfaces: 

  1. Use different colors for certain sections like yellow or orange on sidewalks to indicate where people should walk, while green tiles would signify grassy areas 
  2. For exterior applications such as parking lots - choose bright neon colors which would provide visual interest and attract attention while standing out against the concrete. 
  3. Decorative features like color blocks or stripes can create a unique look while adding texture and design elements to your space.        
  4. Shake things up with alternating large scale patterns of different colors providing visual interest throughout your flooring scheme 
  5. Solid colors would make an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like entryways or hallways where you need to highlight specific key locations in your space. 
  6. Use epoxy flooring throughout your premises and choose a single color that ties everything together while also providing continuity. 
  7. Create thematic floors based on the type of business you run and your industry - use colors that would enhance and represent the subject matter like blue for a water park or orange for a museum 
  8. Install epoxy to create faux floors such as brick, wood, stone, etc., without worrying about maintenance. 
  9. Have fun with it by creating something genuinely unique through color blocking and mixing and matching different colors and textures 
  10. Use epoxy in combination with other flooring types such as tiles, stone, or concrete to add variety and interest to your space while protecting the surface underneath. 
  11. Keep things simple by using a single color throughout but contrasting it against itself (e.g., light gray vs. dark gray) 
  12. Use epoxy to decoratively line doorways, hallways, and patios, adding visual interest and providing safety. 

Epoxy flooring can be used for many reasons, but its most useful application is definitely in commercial spaces. It’s a highly versatile material that can transform your space into something truly striking, whether aesthetically or functionally. 


If you want to make your outdoor space more beautiful, low maintenance and unique, concrete epoxy flooring is the way to go. Many different colors are available for you to choose from, which can be mixed with any design or pattern that suits your tastes. We offer premium quality epoxy flooring at an affordable price in San Antonio, TX.

If this sounds like something you may need or want for your home or commercial applications, give us a call at SATX Epoxy Floors today! Our professional epoxy installers will answer all of your questions and provide a free estimate and competitive pricing to our customers.

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